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About the Chapman Jeep Club

Chapman Jeep Club is a club for Jeep owners that focuses on the Jeeper community and teaching all levels of riding skills, in addition to providing a safe and fun club for like-minded riders. We are a family-oriented off-road group that focuses on trail rides of all levels in the nearby national parks, monuments, and recreation areas.

Our club format is based on levels of riding experience and will help new Jeep owners build confidence in their Jeep. All new members need to do is sign up, download and bring the waiver, and they are in. Members need to complete an initial training class and a ride for club leaders to place them into an appropriate group based on their skills. Beginner training classes will take place at the dealership every second Wednesday of the month to teach new Jeep owners basic information. Trail rides and meet-ups take place monthly on different dates. Stay up-to-date on upcoming trail rides by joining our meetups page!

Membership fees are not required! Chapman Automotive will sponsor the club's monthly meet-ups, where members can network and plan the upcoming trail rides for all club levels. Each member is encouraged to be a part of the club's core foundation and feel like part of the community we are building.

Jeep Club members also enjoy 10% off on services, parts, and accessories from Chapman Chrysler Jeep.

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